Duplicat uploads from iOS client


Anyone else experience that the IOS client duplicat and uploads several copies of same picture from IPhone?
iOS : 13.1.3
OwnCloud client: 1.2.0 build 148


Thank you very much for providing feedback! Could you elaborate on the behavior you experience? Steps to reproduce? (Developers don’t have enough information to reproduce and fix the issue yet)

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Thank you for your quick reply.
I’ve done some more “investigation” to the issue I experience. Seems like it’s only happening to picture taken as “live-photos” (feature in iOS/iPhone), when I have watched the picture on my phone. So: I take a picture. Open the ownCloud app, and it upload just fine. Then in my standard iOS picture app I review the picture, and even touch and hold, to see the effect of the live-photo movement. Then when returning to the ownCloud app, it reupload the same picture, naming it (1) in the end. Seems like iOS change something with the file which then makes ownCloud think it is a new picture? Maybe ownCloud identify picture to upload on “last change date” instead of “created date” and when I watch the picture the last change date difference causing the ownCloud think it is a new picture??

The three first is standard picture, which works fine. The next picture is live-photo, then you can see it has uploaded it twice (naming the second (1) in the end)

I realize now, that it does not only happen to the live-photo, but also to other “standard” photos in my iPhone. Some of them is now uploaded three versions of… any info about how the app identifies a picture as new, so that it needs to be uploaded? Clearly it is in that process/identification things goes wrong…

The debug log would help to investigate what’s going on. Here you can find more information:

You can send it to ios-app<at>owncloud.com.

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I also have the same happening. I cannot say if this was caused by the previous version or if it been there earlier. I am also not sure on the logic of when I get duplicate uploads or not. I will look more closely and see if I can spot the patern.
Did you open a bug on github that we can follow?

I have sent the logfile on the mail that you suggested now Michael.
Thank you so far.

PS I even changed to a new phone recently (Iphone 11 with latest IOS) but it still happens-


@michaelstingl did you receive the log from me?
I think it strange that not many other user experience same thing as me . I now also notice my ownCloud iOS client uploads many old photos from my cameraroll from my phone as well… :man_facepalming:

I find it so strange no one else has reported this issue? It seems obvious for me know that the ownCloud client on my iPhone starts uploading all photos that have recently have been viewed on my phone, even if they were taken looong time ago. It must be that the “upload recent/new photo-function” in the ownCloud app triggers on last viewed-date or something instead of created date…

@eivindrkvandal I’m very sorry for the delay. The team was busy with the release of the 1.3 version. It already includes some minor improvements for upload, but it might not fully solve your issue. Could you reproduce again and send us new logs by mail? Thanks!

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Hi Michael. Sorry for my late reply. I have just sent my latest log file by mail, hope it find the way to you, since it was over 25mb. Kindly let me know if not received. Anyway, the iOS client stills keep uploading duplicates of old pictures, which I have recently looked through on my phone.

Appreciate all help

Thanks :slight_smile:

Works perfectly in the 11.4.1 which I’m running via TestFlight beta testing app.
Thanks!! :+1::grinning:

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