Duplicity on owncloud

Hello,we have a problem with duplicating a photo.

the first problem happens on my iphone. when I take a picture and open the application, only one photo is uploaded to me after a while, a copy is made, photo 1. and 1-1

The second problem is happening to my boss. his photos are also duplicated.
In image vanek owncloud.png you can see different dates but hi do not uploud it again.
I am sending logs for you. 1.5. – 16.5

ownCloud_1._5._2020_13_23_37.log.txt (7.7 KB) ownCloud_3._5._2020_1_17_56.log.txt (10.7 KB) ownCloud_6._5._2020_16_36_47.log.txt (8.9 KB) ownCloud_8._5._2020_19_09_56.log.txt (8.2 KB) ownCloud_9._5._2020_20_00_59.log.txt (15.4 KB) ownCloud_12._5._2020_14_53_35.log.txt (18.5 KB) ownCloud_16._5._2020_13_28_02.log.txt (13.6 KB)

Can you help us with this problem.

Thanks you and have nice day .

Hi All,

I’ve been facing the exact same issue, where photos from the Album are being continuously re-uploaded creating duplicates in the InstantUpload folder.
I might be incorrect, but I’ve noticed that this happens when you take multiple photos with your camera and delete some of them before the ownCloud app starts the upload process.

The issue occurs on an iPhone 8 (iOS 13.5.1) with the new ownCloud App being fully updated (version 1.3.2). The ownCloud server is also fully updated (versions 10.4.1 stable).

Please let us know in case there is a fix/workaround on this.

Same problem here as well.
Opened a ticket for it in here back in December, see link Duplicat uploads from iOS client

But no solution or any more comment to this latest months
It is a big problem for me, and I do think I need to look for another service since this “ruin” my experience with in any other way a really good piece of software

My findings is that it happens if you look through the pictures on your phone. Then it will upload the same pictures again
I suspect it is because it will identify the picture to upload on the “last modified date” instead of the original created date… but not sure.

Hope that someone could come up with a solution for this in not too long. Can’t believe that not more people face same problem
I have tried two different server installs now, three different users and three different mobile phones… same on all…

Br Eivind

I was on vacation for the past few days and my mobile data were hammered due to this issue.
Not to mention many of my photos (not only newly taken but also old ones) had at least one duplicate uploaded in my server, creating a mess that I now have to manually clear now by finding and deleting them.

This has been happening since day one that the new owncloud app was released.

Should be fixed with the 11.4 version

Works perfectly in the 11.4.1 which I’m running via TestFlight beta testing app.
Thanks!! :grinning::+1:

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