.DWL extension files not syncing?

It seems like none of my .DWL files are syncing.
.DWL files are not on the ignorance-list.

Any idea?

What have you tried so far to upload them and resolve the issue? What error messages are you receiving?

Why are you posting this in the server category, when this sounds so much like a desktop issue.

I changed the post to a desktop-issue.

.DWL file is made when a (.DWG) drawing opens in AutoCAD, so it’s made automatically as a lock-file.

I haven’t tried much so far, because I don’t have the administrator rights. I’m asking it so I can ask the administrator to change it.

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First step in desktop client troubleshooting is to let us know which version you’re using.
Second is upgrading to the latest version, trying to recreate the issue there.
Then there is this awesome document about desktop client troubleshooting, go through it. Let us know what you tried and why it didn’t work.
Finally obtain a client log and post the relevant sections here.

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Thank you michaelstingl! But there it is working/syncing apparently

Yeah. It should sync. And if it doesn’t sync, then it’s a bug or an issue with your setup. Please follow the troubleshooting guide to find the cause. If you have more information and it’s really a bug in the client, the team can have a look and try to fix it.

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