Editing FSTAB bricks the system

System details

Device: Raspberry Pi 4
OS: Stock raspbian linux

Steps to reproduce

  1. Edit fstab to permanently mount an external drive.
  2. Every time I have edited it my raspberry pi 4 just hangs saying locked out of root


  • I know the above may not be a owncloud issue but pretty flummoxed by this issue
  • Any help would be appreciated. I have cross posted this problem in the RPi group as well.

Previously done the following successfully

  • installed owncloud
  • added external nvme drive using exfat
  • mounted the drive with appropriate permissions
  • validated that the file is actually getting written to the external drive (by owncloud) by plugging it into another computer and checking if the test files were there

Thanks much!
Raj /\

Without knowing WHAT you have edited in the /etc/fstab, its impossible to help you. Unfortunately.

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Found a pretty cool document on fstab. Obviously human error :).

Figured out my mistake though and finally fixed it. Still struggling with the ‘local’ drop down though.

Once I have everything working, planning to write a single post with all the instructions. right now I’m still stuck on the Local not appearing in the external drop-down list :wink: .

Please keep in mind, that /etc/fstab is a danger zone on any linux system. I’d strongly recommend to fix all your issues with a manually mounted volume. Finally you can mount it with fstab.

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agreed… will do /\ :slight_smile:

Off-topic: Nothing in regards to ownCloud installation