Email address not saved

Hi there,

User email address does not save Settings -> General -> Email.
I enter the email address click Set email.
Message "An email has been sent to this address for confirmation" in green is displayed.
Confirmation email is also received.
But when you go back to Settings -> General -> Email the email is not there.
Also when trying to reset the password no reset email is received.
Message in the log file "Could not send reset email because there is no email address for this username"

ownCloud version 10.0.3 (stable)
Ubuntu Server 16.04.3 LTS


Did you use the confirmation link to confirm the email address? Could you post the exact error message you receive in your log file as this helps us track down where the issue may be.

I have the same problem on owncloud 10.0.3.
We need a solution please.

There are some people with this problem.


Maybe you can answer the questions above to get a solution?

There are some people with this problem. On owncloud 9 was working fine. Is a bug, not a config problem.

Owncloud Developers should fix this bug with a new release.


How do you think something can be fixed if the reason is unknown? I think the questions above by @tomneedham where asked for a reason. And if questions are not answered then its unlikely that something gets fixed.

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There are a lot of people with this problem. You can see on Github

Is a bug.

Hey there,

i never have questioned that this is a bug but just wanted to say that its quite better that people are answering questions and providing more info rather then just saying "its a bug, they should fix it" :slight_smile:

But from what i can see in the linked issue some one else might have provided the required info and its already fixed now.