Empty spaces and special character in file- and foldernames




we have a lot problems with the sync client, when we want to sync files with empty spaces or special characters. Is it possible to use folders and filenames like that or is it not possible?

Desktop Sync 2.2.4
Server 9.1.1

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you can find the non-supported special chars in [1]. For such special chars there is no way to workaround them. On windows there is another issue with trailing spaces [2] as Windows itself doesn't support them.

[1] https://doc.owncloud.org/desktop/2.2/architecture.html#ignored-files



In our case, working on clients on Mac, (server on Ubuntu) we do not have any problems with folders and files names with space (but we do not use trailing space, at the end of the names).
We avoid using characters like $ / : , but . , or - are OK.
And being French, a lot of files and folders names use accents without any problem.
May be your problems could arise from the character set and collation of your database?





that helped me a lot

It seems that to much data was uploaded by 5 computers at the same time and something went wrong in the cloud. After It was not possible to delete or rename the folders or files. My provider gave me ftp access and I could delete the them. Before I did that I saved the data of cours. And then I uploaded the data once again. This time from one computer. Now it works.

Thank you very much.

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