Enable Desktop Sync Client for Select Groups Only

We've been using OC since its version 5 in our small office for internal documents sync (currently running the latest stable version, 9.1.4).

We've more recently setup another server with a brand new OC instance used specifically to share documents temporarily with external users (data room).
I'm looking for a way to only allow sync desktops connections from specific groups (Admin) and only allow the rest of the users to access the platform online. I've looked around to try to find a solution but unsuccessfully. I've mainly found questions on how to disable totally the sync clients but not partially.

I saw that I can configure OC to restrict access to old sync clients with:

('minimum.supported.desktop.version' => '1.7.0',

As a possible workaround,I guess I could try to see how I can set the Admin's sync clients to say version 200 and restrict clients under 100 to access through this command but it feels a bit dirty and I would lose the auto-update function on these clients.

Does anyone know if there is an official way to solve my problem?



I think the File Firewall might have this feature.

Otherwise maybe you can try some configuration in the web server depending on the username and user agent?

The File Firewall does look like it could do the trick, alas I'm currently on a Community version as the projects we use it for don't necessarily justify the cost of an enterprise license.

I had not thought about filtering at the web server side. Thanks, that should do the trick! I play with it when I have some spare time.