Enable HTTPS in owncloud

Hi , i have recently installed owncloud , i want to enable https instead of http , what should i do?

I have AD and i added Root CA certificate to server and add *<virtualhost :80> to /etc/apache2/sites-available/owncloud.conf as said in this link

Redirect all unencrypted traffic to https

and restart apache2 but site page does not comes up

what should i do?

Hi Faraz,

maybe you should look in to buying a support subscription.

You have opened so many tickets in this forum, I doubt that it’s fun for you.

For enabling SSL you need to edit the SSL config of your apache server. Then enable SSL, then restart the web server.




Hi , thank you for your help , you 're right but in my country organizations almost don’t pay for support and we have to do things ourselves , i am new in linux and have to do it myself i did it but i got some problems and i did not found solution for them.

I have an AD and i want to use AD (internal) Certificate not letsencrypt i did not found any document for it , do you know a document to help ?

I appreciate

You need to install and configure a CA, Certificate Authority on your AD. With an CA you can issue certificates to your services and servers. It’s quite complicated. I only know how to configure LDAPS with it, but not a certificate for a web Server. But it should work the same.

Microsoft has good docs on it, the tech net articles.


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