Encrypt after restore

Hello together,

I have delayed my documents out of my owncloud. After restoring my data, I couldn’t open them because they were encrypted by owncloud. I can see every single key and I know my password. Also to run the encrypt-script hasn’t helped really. Now I can open the documents, but i can only see different signs. I tried to update my owncloud, but there was a problem and now I can’t open my owncloud by my website anymore. I don’t have ssh access but I downloaded all data including all keys etc. from my rented serverspace.

Can you help me please?

owncloud-version: 9.1.8 -> try to update to 10.1.1
PHP 7.1
Serverspace at Hetzner with apache

Thanks for your endeavor.
Best regards,

Tobias Finke

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