Encryption, that does not change how i currently interact with files

After reading: https://security.stackexchange.com/questions/22634/how-safe-is-the-owncloud-encryption-in-a-trusted-lan

And what @SYG wrote; I am looking to have my synced files to the cloud, encrypted!

If possible I would like the encryption to be done in a way it does not change how i currently interact with folders and files.

Is it possible? What utility do you advise?

What exactly do you want to do? If you want to protect against theft and offline data, I would rather use disk-encryption of your OS. If it's not on external storage, the benefits are very little, you risk to run in a number of bugs.

It's open source, feel free to do what you want. We don't know your current interactions with files and folders!

I never used encryption! Don't know what's necessary and whether you have to put a password every time you need to do changes to your text files. I have a word file with a password in it for ex.
I have Win7 and I interact with folder and files the regular way.

The encryption would be to use on OwnCloud. I have mega.nz but I am looking to stop using it, and move to OwnCloud.

In that point, as a user you don't see the server-side encryption. Files are automatically encrypted and decrypted on server-side with your user password (access via webinterface, owncloud-client or webdav). Only if you manually check the storage, the files are encrypted. It's useful if you use external storage, so the external storage provider can't see your data. The owncloud server is doing all the encryption and decryption, therefore everybody who controls the server can snoop on your data as well (you must login at some time).

Thanks @tflidd

I need to read more about OwnCloud to understand the product well and the best security measures.