Encyption enabled but encryption option not selected

We have a clean install of and have installed and activated the Default Encryption Module. Files are already being uploaded and it looks like they are being encrypted successfully. 'encryption:status' shows:

sudo -u www-data php occ encryption:status
  • enabled: true
  • defaultModule: OC_DEFAULT_MODULE

However, we have not selected an encryption option from the drop down on the Settings > Admin > Encryption page (see screen dump below). Does this default to Master Key? Should we select this option now or is it too late now that files are already being uploaded?
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Can we use:
To disable server-side encryption and decrypt all files as stated in the documentation?

This is how encryption works in ownCloud 10.0.3:

first you enable encryption: this enables the core subsystem for encryption, the plugin system
then you need to enable an encryption plugin/app because the subsystem doesn't do anything without it
you enable this app
then... this app asks you which mode you want to use
so before you selected a mode, in 10.0.3, no encryption is being applied
the encryption app only encrypts once a mode is selected
in 10.0.3

Now to your other question:

You can, but since you have not encrypted anything at this point, it would not do much I suppose.

Thanks Dmitry, that's really helpful.

No Problem, glad I could help you