Endless loop control

Latest release just installed on a w10 pc, Version 2.4.0 (build 8894).
Owncloud continues to make a modification control starting from d00 up to dFF, then restarting from d00, in an endless loop.
No sync is made.
I tried to reinstall. No changes in this behaviour.
Suggestions and/or workaround?


could you provide some information about your server, also the files your are trying to sync, where they are, local on the server or on an external storage

Hi Dmitry and thank you,
the server runs Linux.
The data are shared between 5 pcs, 4 of which run w10, while one runs W7.
The synched data are about 15 GB.
On 2 of these W10 PCs I discovered the problem that I suppose it has been lasting for a few days since there are several missed upgraded files.

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Could you try if it works with 2.4.1 rc1?