Enterprise license : Active subscription on marketplace required


We do have an enterprise license running and reported in the Owncloud general tab
“The registered enterprise license key expires in xxx days.”.

Owncloud generated a notification that an update is available for the External Storage: Windows Network Drives application.

When trying to install the update either via the marketplace UI or using occ the following error occurs “Active subscription on marketplace required”.

I was able in the past to install updates and enterprise apps.
The API key is correctly entered in the marketplace, nothing changed since we get the entreprise license.

No log entry is being generated.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Go to owncloud marketplace
  2. Go to updates
  3. Click on the update button of the app

Expected behaviour

The application should update itself

Actual behaviour

The error is displayed

Server configuration

Operating system: Ubuntu server 18.04 LTS

Web server: Apache2

Database: PgSQL

PHP version: 7.2

ownCloud version: 10.4.0

Updated from an older ownCloud or fresh install: updated from 10.3.x

Did I miss something on the marketplace?
Thanks in advance for the help.

From what I remember, your email address must be registered somwhere to have the API key working. This was done by contacting the ownCloud support.

There is an open issue for this topic as well:

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Hi and thank you for your answer, I will try to contact them.
I already have an API key that was previously working.


Our API key was working too, when we changed to enterprise we received the very same message. ATM the only working solution is contacting support, where “they fix it”.

I hope there will be a user-friendlier variant in the future.

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Ok thank you for your reply.
I will contact the tech support then :slight_smile:!