Enterprise to standard

Who to downgrade from Enterprise to standard free owncloud.
Im running latest owncloud on ubuntu 16.04.
I was upgrading from free to enterprise but i will go back to free.

The ownCloud core is the same - open source - codebase as found here: http://github.com/owncloud/core

Only some features are provided as Enterprise Apps. These will no longer be available if you continue with the Community Edition. You can checkout your apps list with occ:

occ app:list

Is there a way now to downgrade from enterprise to community edition?
My license key has expired but I can't find how to go back to community edition...

Got it!
It' enough to remove following apps from the filesystem:

  • admin_audit
  • files_ldap_home
  • firewall
  • objectstore
  • sharepoint
  • user_shibboleth
  • windows_network_drive

There are stored in owncloud/apps