[EnterpriseTrial] Unable to recover "deleted" shared folders

Steps to reproduce
1. Folder owner UserX shares folder F1 with a group.
2. User1 is part of that group, so the folder F1 and its contents appear in User1's local file system.
3. User1 now accidently/intentionally deletes F1 from his local file system

Expected behaviour
I would expect the desktop client interprets this user action in some sensible way, for example "the user wants to stop syncing this shared folder" similar to what a user can do by unticking the shared folder in the desktop client's UI.

Actual behaviour
The folder F1 just disappears from the file system (ok) as well as from the desktop client's UI (??).
This leaves the user without any way to change his mind and start syncing this shared folder F1 again.

Moreover, if the user "undoes" the deletion (Ctrl-Z), the folder is recovered from Windows' trash bin and the desktop client considers this F1 folder and all of its contents as user private data instead of associating it back with the original shared folder.

Client configuration
Client version: 2.2.4
Client operating system: Windows 10 Pro

Server configuration
* Virtual Box appliance for Enterprise, downloaded on 2017-01-02.
* OwnCloud version: 9.1.3
* Accessing over http (no certificates put in place yet)
* No special configuration changes afaik.

Yes, this is by design. Undelete needs to be done in the Web UI. if a delete happened then the user and the owner will have it in the trash bin. Alternative would be to share without delete rights.

I'm not sure that your answer applies to my use case.
I understand that "deleting files" causes the files to disappear and that this can be avoided by sharing them without the right to delete.

My use case is a bit different. We want a user to be able to share a directory. Users need to be able to:
* Add/modify/delete files from that shared directory
* Decide whether or not they want to sync some/all files of that shared directory

But they should NOT be able to "delete" the sharing. The impression that I currently have is that they can delete the shared folder in their synced version and that there is no way to recover the fact that it was shared with you.

Do I misunderstand this?

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That is exactly the case. You can't prevent that your users are unsharing a received share. However a user provided an implementation to allow this a few months ago:

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One of my users fell onto this problem: he deleted the group-shared folder by accident, and now he can't see it any more (files are safe and visible by other users).
Can this operation be reversed (i.e., how can the user -- or an administrator -- ensure that the folder is visible again)?
I solved the issue by re-sharing the same folder to the user (so that it's shared both to the group and to the user), but I don't like it as a long-term solution.
Thank you

We are working on this. The feature is called "unshare", its not a real delete ... we are in process of making an overview page with rejected shares available which would list those shares for the user to accept them again. 10.0.8/10.0.9 will have that.

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thanks! I appreciate your response and I'll wait for the next versions.