Error 404 when trying to connect to the server on Desktop Client

### Expected behaviour

I started today with my NAS, installed OwnCloud add on (2.0.4). Works perfect when accessing on the browser but not on the Desktop client that I have in my Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS.

### Actual behaviour

When I enter the IP to get access to the server I get back a 404 ERROR Not Found. I have done some research on the forum and I tried by entering /owncloud or or the path shown on my NAS: /Volume_1/Nas_Prog/owncloud but always get the same result.

Server configuration

PHP version: php MyAdmin 3.5.1

ownCloud version: 8.0.4


Nothing like a good sleep to solve it on my own. It seems that the server was connecting to a :441, just adding that was enough to make it work. Now I am getting an error due to an old version installed on my server, but guess that just need to update that.

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