Error 500 after days of

Ciao a tutti,
Ho installato owncloud su un sottodominio del mio hosting condiviso OVH. Ho proceduto alla configurazione automatica e non ho modificato nessuna impostazione, tutto funzionava perfettamente. Dopo circa due settimane la cartella in cui è contenuto owncloud è inaccessibile sia da browser che da client e chrome restituisce un errore generico (500). Non ho effettuato modifiche, cosa potrebbe essere?
L'unica cosa differente è che ovh mi ha attivato l'ssl gratuito, per connettersi in https, potrebbe essere collegato al mio problema?

Grazie in anticipo

Hi all,
I had installed OwnCloud on a subdomain of my shared hosting on OVH servers. I used the automatic configuration and I haven't changed any settings, everything worked perfectly. After about two weeks the folder that contains owncloud is inaccessible from browser and from owncloud client, and Google Chrome shows a generical error (500). I haven't made changes, what could it be?
The only thing different is that OVH has set me free ssl, to connect with https, it could be connected to my problem?

Thanks in advance

Error 500 is an internal server error. Can you access webserver logfiles for more information? Could be either somewhere on your filesystem (logs-folder) or perhaps somewhere on the webinterface of your webhoster. Check the documentation/webserver/community/support of your webhoster where to find these.

Yes, I have the access to all webserver logs. What I have to search?

No one can tell you what you need to look for as a 500 error is just a generic error with tons of different reasons. What you can do is:

  1. Delete the webservers logfiles
  2. Restart webserver
  3. Open oC in browser
  4. See the 500 error in your browser
  5. Open your webserver logfiles and search the line containing the error matching the time of your access
  6. Put this error in your favorite search engine