ERROR 500 when try to install oc on wamp



Hi guys

So I wanted to try OC 9.1.0 by installing it on Wamp. So I installed Wamp, I turned off IIS which was taking the port 80, Ichanged my password in phpMyAdmin and then I unzipped the oc 9.1.0 archive in the www repertory. After that, I open google chrome and in the URL bar I write http://localhost/, I press enter it opens me my wamp server configuration page so until ther all works fine. But when I try to go on http://localhost/owncloud/ I get the sweet message HTTP ERROR 500.

Well, what is my problem ? I followed steps of this video but I can't go further than at 8 min. Also I turned on all modules that this page said except xml_parser and libcurl cause I can't find 'em.

Maybe you can help me

Localhost/owncloud not working HTTP ERROR 500

Hi @alexis_gca. I think nowadays it is no longer possible to install a oC server on a windows Platform as it is said in the following link:

ownCloud Server does not support Microsoft Windows. We recommend using the ownCloud Appliance on Windows Server.


Ah ok and what is ownCloud Appliance ?


In this link there's a link which will lead you the download url.

ownCloud provides an official appliance as the easiest way to get
ownCloud up and running for non-technical users. It is built on Ubuntu
Linux and fully set up and configured with a secure connection and the ownCloud Proxy app. You can install virtual box, download our OVA file and load it up. See our documentation for more details.


Ok I will try this out thank you for your answers !