Error after client update

Windows XP
the procedure entry point SHGetKnownFolderPath could not be located in the dynamic link library SHELL32.dll
How to disable auto update of this ...?

Just updated mine (XP SP3) and got the same error message
Not sure how to roll it back to the older version that was working
Any hints or suggestions welcomed - likely the other XP based PC here will grab and auto install the update - though maybe pulling the network cable before we turn it on today to see if there is a way of disabling the auto update feature - as I can no longer load it (just get the error) to have a look

Is it just that XP is no longer a compatible platform and the last version we were running is the end of the line for us?
Just a technical glitch with a workaround?

We do use it a lot and it has been a flawless application that works brilliantly

Look forward to hearing if there is a solution to get us working again


OK - I'm up and running again - I found an early version of the client and it installed (without deleting or uninstalling anything) - but it wouldnt work - saying the client was incompatible with the server or some such

I managed to source the link to older windows clients versions
I unplugged the network cable and booted the other PC (to see which version we were running prior to the update)

I went to
I downloaded 2.3.4 (the last version that was working before the update)
I installed it without deleting or uninstalling anything
It runs and syncs and does everything as it used to

I have also disabled auto update by adding
to my owncloud.cfg
(for me that is C:\Documents and Settings\Rob\Local Settings\Application Data\ownCloud\owncloud.cfg )

Only 1 thing to note - at the very bottom of the config file is has

so it seems it is "aware" that 2.4.0 update was attempted and knows it didn't work out
...interesting - maybe disabling the auto update in the config is not necessary?

Also looks like the requirements for the desktop client is now Windows 7 and above..

(it maybe the requirements have stated this for a while - but as it has all just been working flawlessly I haven't checked - I am sure there have been a couple of updates over the course of this year and I applied them when prompted)


Thanks a lot. I will try it.

Any joy?

Ours both seem OK
(I did add the "skipUpdateCheck=true" to the other PC and it hasn't tried updating - it has been on all day so its all looking good)

As long as my server carries on supporting this version of the desktop client I guess I can keep running XP....I really don't want to change the OS on either machine but I guess I'm just delaying the inevitable and will eventually be forced into it kicking and screaming


Both of you are really running something outdated and insecure like Windows XP? Wow :slight_smile:

Yes, because some old programms didn't support new windowses. Also i think Win 8 and 10 is sucks

I think both are no real valid reasons to stick with Windows XP.

You're missing so many new security measures from newer windows versions. And Microsoft probably won't release any additional security updates to Windows XP like the unexpected patch for the WannaCry vulnerability at the begin of this year.

Adding to this more and more software (like seen now with the ownCloud client) will stop working at some point in time (probably sooner then later) and you're forcing yourself into using even more outdated software.

Personally i think moving on to at least Windows 7 (which gets security updates until January 2020) and running the old programs in a Virtual Machine should be the way to go here.

Migrating everything is going to be one hell of a headache if not impossible
I do have Win10 on another hard disk (I HAD to run some application that insisted on it- and no way round it) and the UI blows chunks IMHO, just dumb stuff like - impossible to have taskbar by the clock show EVERYTHING that is running, nope it has to have an expand arrow and silly animations FFS

It also does not have drivers for some of the hardware I run - (graphics/sound) and I am not buying new hardware anytime soon, (do 'new' mobo's still have VGA? If not I'll need 2 new monitors and a different adapter to composite- or 3 new VGA output graphics cards (or a dual and a single output as I have now), do they have real com ports still?, soundcard with midi/gamepad?

Its not JUST the OS, what about the perfectly usable hardware that will no longer work? MS doomed landfill?

The added security measures mainly seem to be aimed at protecting the OS from the end user at the keyboard/user interface - something I neither need nor welcome and is a waste of cpu cycles and I have no doubt I will be forced into wasting many many hours trying to find ways to defeat

I also concede that I WILL eventually be forced kicking and screaming, just as I have been in the past at the mercy of "progressive programmers hands", to buy new hardware so I can run a more bloated OS, with fresh security flaws and worse UI making the everyday simple tasks that bit more painful whilst being forced to wave goodbye to the legacy stuff that just worked (without any stupid transparent window fade ins and outs and other such nonsense that is completely wasted on me and I will only waste hours of my life trying to turn it all off).- also I can imagine some of the hardware I tinker with will baulk at a newer OS..but the number is bigger so it's got to be better ..that's how it works right?

I am more tempted than ever to go back to a Linux desktop, but have become too reliant/hooked on certain apps that are only available on MS OS and going dual boot again is not something I can stomach