Error Delete File on owncloud



i have an error , cant delete file on my owncloud server …

Server configuration

Operating system: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Web server: Mysql

Database: Mariadb

PHP version: PHP 7.2.11

**ownCloud version: 10.0.10

**Updated from an older ownCloud or fresh install:9.0

Help me guys



We need more info for that. Look in the log files please.

Also a more detailed error description would be great.


i dont know which one log that i must post here…too much log


cause error deleting file , i always get error sync (Encryption not ready: Module with ID : OC_DEFAULT_MODULE DOESNT EXIST)


Do you have encryption enabled?


here is my screenshoot


Have you tried following the instructions?


which one instructions ?


the ones in the screenshot