Error in installing database

Hi ,
I am installing owncloud by Install ownCloud on Ubuntu 18.04 with quick installation guide
quick installation

I create OCC file in this path as said /usr/local/bin/occ with these codes

#! /bin/bash

  • cd /var/www/owncloud*
  • sudo -u www-data /usr/bin/php /var/www/owncloud/occ “$@”*

when i ran below code

occ maintenance:install
–database “mysql”
–database-name “owncloud”
–database-user “owncloud”
–database-pass “password”
–admin-user “admin”
–admin-pass “admin”

the below error is showed up

Command “$@” is not defined.

what should i do?

Redo building the occ script.
You omitted the backslash in before the dollar sign. “$@” → “\$@”


Thanks it works and the database has built


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