Error no app in context(

After upgrading from 10.0.3 to 10.0.10, error messages appeared in the log file:

{“reqId”:“kWCmYMAbsim0T9jWeh5b”,“level”:3,“time”:“2018-10-09T18:58:01+03:00”,“remoteAddr”:"",“user”:"–",“app”:“no app in context”,“method”:"–",“url”:"–",“message”:“Exception: {“Exception”:“OCP\\Files\\NotFoundException”,“Message”:”/File/sound/mix/list.xls.v1531487544 not found while trying to get owner",“Code”:0,“Trace”:"#0 \/var\/www\/owncloud\/lib\/private\/Files\/Filesystem.php(961): OC\\Files\\View->getOwner(’’/File/sound/m…’)\n#1 \/var\/www\/owncloud\/lib\/private\/Preview.php(1311): OC\\Files\\Filesystem::getOwner(’/File/sound/m…’)\n#2 \/var\/www\/owncloud\/lib\/private\/Preview.php(1299): OC\\Preview::post_delete(Array, ‘files\/’)\n#3 \/var\/www\/owncloud\/lib\/private\/legacy\/hook.php(105): OC\\Preview::post_delete_versions(Array)\n#4 \/var\/www\/owncloud\/apps\/files_versions\/lib\/Storage.php(767): OC_Hook::emit(’\\\\OCP\\\\Versions’, ‘delete’, Array)\n#5 \/var\/www\/owncloud\/apps\/files_versions\/lib\/Command\/Expire.php(60): OCA\\Files_Versions\\Storage::expire(’/File/sound/m…’, ‘den’)\n#6 \/var\/www\/owncloud\/lib\/private\/Command\/CommandJob.php(34): OCA\\Files_Versions\\Command\\Expire->handle()\n#7 \/var\/www\/owncloud\/lib\/private\/BackgroundJob\/Job.php(57): OC\\Command\\CommandJob->run(‘O:33:\"OCA\\\\Files…’)\n#8 \/var\/www\/owncloud\/lib\/private\/BackgroundJob\/QueuedJob.php(42): OC\\BackgroundJob\\Job->execute(Object(OC\\BackgroundJob\\JobList), Object(OC\\Log))\n#9 \/var\/www\/owncloud\/cron.php(120): OC\\BackgroundJob\\QueuedJob->execute(Object(OC\\BackgroundJob\\JobList), Object(OC\\Log))\n#10 {main}",“File”:"\/var\/www\/owncloud\/lib\/private\/Files\/View.php",“Line”:1717}"}

PS unfortunately this is not the only entry in the log file.

Updates did step by step 10.0.3-> 10.0.4-> 10.0.5-> 10.0.6-> 10.0.7-> 10.0.8-> 10.0.9-> 10.0.10. During the update, everything was fine, there were no errors.

Please tell me what could be the problem?


from what i know you don’t need to do such steps in minor updates and you could have just updated from 10.0.3 directly to 10.0.10.

Maybe you could revert to your backup and try to directly update from 10.0.3 to 10.0.10 to avoid possible bugs in versions in between?

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Yes, I have backups, and I can roll back.

if I understand correctly, with any update (step by step or a quick transition from 10.0.3 to 10.0.10) there should not be such problems.

By the way, in folder “/data/den/files_versions/File/sound/mix/” there is no such file “list.xls.v1531487544”

I tried to enter the following commands:

sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --all
sudo -u www-data php occ versions:expire

but they did not help to correct these errors (

Maybe an error occurs because there is an entry in the MySQL database, but there is no file in the storage?
In which table is MySQL I can check it? (If at all possible)

to, tom42
Thank you for participating and offering!


unfortunately i’m not sure if this assumption is correct. :confused:

What if e.g. a bug (maybe even not known) exists in 10.0.4 breaking some database entries or similar and this specific bug was fixed in 10.0.5 or later? I think thats the reason why is suggested to go from 10.0.3 directly to 10.0.10 to avoid any bugs which might have existed in between.


I agree, this is possible!
I do not think that all users jumped from 10.0.03 to 10.0.10 !? I am sure that many users were updated step by step, and judging by this forum they did not experience such problems.

To be honest, I’m worried about rolling back to version 10.0.3.
Since many changes have been made to the files.

Or is there no problem?
After the rollback, execute the command:

sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --all