Error - rename_local_fail_msg


I’m new to the owncloud community :slight_smile:
I just installed my first owncloud server on a nas synology.
From an iOS phone, I successfully connect to my owncloud server.
On Android, I encounter an error message when I enter the URL to connect to my server.
I have this error message: rename_local_fail_msg, in french: “La version locale ne peut pas être renommée, veuillez réessayer avec un nom différent”
I downloaded the latest version of the software from the play store
My owncloud server is in version 10.3.1

I did not find an answer to this error, can you help me?
Have a nice day,

Which Android app version did you install?


Thank’s for you answer.
I have found the cause of my problem but do not know how to solve it at the moment.
From internet, if I don’t add in my url “/owncloud” I arrive on the home page of my web server.
On ios devices redirection is done automatically to owncloud, not to android. I must find the solution to arrive on the owncloud home page without adding “/owncloud” in my web url

Thanks for sharing, we will take care of it!!

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I don’t know if it’s the best solution, to make it simple I modified my httpd22.conf file, the virtualHost config

Old: DocumentRoot “/var/services/web”
New: DocumentRoot “/var/services/web/owncloud”

The connexion works now, I will test transfer files later, if I do not return to this topic is that the solution is approved ;)! Thank you for your help,