Error transferring file from client only, getting no error info



I have a weird problem with Owncloud 10.0.8

From the web interface, I can upload any file I want, however big it is. (sometimes more than 2GB)
However, when I’m trying to upload a 50MB file from the client, it shows that the file is syncing, I see that the transfer is ongoing with adequate upload speed and then it just suddenly stops.

I see an error in the debug window but there is no sort of descriptive information whatsoever (see attached).

Error transferring… - server replied:

Nothing! The server replied nothing !
This does not happen for small files. Only for files larger than 35MBytes or so. And only happens on the client.

Am I doing something wrong?



maybe it could be a good starting point to update the recent ownCloud Server 10.0.10 Release first before looking for issues in an outdated version?


I upgraded to the latest 10.0.10 over the weekend. The issue persists.


Anyone? this is really annoying …



as it seems none of the users having the knowledge about your issue maybe you can try to contact the ownCloud developers via their github bugtrackers?