Error Upload an /data/username/upload/ directory

sometimes if I uploaded some files (more than 1 GB), I see an error. After this I check my data directory and found an upload folder with parts of this file.
How can I fix this problem and why I have an upload directory with empty folders or fileparts.

I have installed owncloud 10.0.3 on an Raspberry Pi.

Sorry if the topic is in the wrong category.

Maybe you could post the error you're getting as we reader here can't guess which one you're getting? Maybe updating to a latest release like 10.0.4 might help as well?

Owncloud show me this error: Chunks on server do not sum up to 3298006819 but to 3298006819 and this is the error by all uploaded files with more than 1 GB filesize.

I did the following search and found