Error Uploading file "filename":Unable to set upload directory


I am receiving the above error. We have a product that throws up a windows prompt any time a user in the organization tries to upload a file. This is just a basic prompt that describes their action is being monitored and to not upload anything bad to the OwnCloud server.

When the user begins the upload the windows explorer screen pops up so they can select the file. Once they select the file and attempt to upload, the windows prompt comes up. If the user waits for more than 20 seconds of time, the upload fails and the above error is displayed.

If the user continues the prompt before 20 seconds, the upload continues through. This seems like some sort of timeout within the configuration, but I am unaware of what property this could be. Does anyone have any thoughts?



could you have a look in the php.ini file or the .htaccess file?

Usually the timeouts are defined in the php.ini file.