"Exception while scanning: Jail rootPath is null" when I run occ files:scan


I got a lot of users listed as having issues with their accounts during the upgrade from 9.1.2 to 9.1.7. I rolled back the upgrade so I'm still on 9.1.2 running on clustered redhat 7 servers, php 5.6, apache 2.4.6, mysql (on a separate server).

I ran occ files:scan on each user and on some of them I get the error :

Exception while scanning: Jail rootPath is null

Anyone know what this is about and what I can do to resolve it?

Without logs it will be a pain to know what's happening. It's likely something about the shares of those users, but I don't know anything more.

Note that 9.1.x is obsolete, so you might want to try 10.0.8 and check if the problem is solved in that version.

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I was trying to resolve these issues BEFORE the upgrade :slight_smile:

I guess I'll follow your advice and upgrade first.