Excessive execution time in background

Hello everyone,

I am a proud user of ownCloud via web and iOS app. I’ve noticed that the iOS app takes a long time running in background, as you can see in the screenshot from my iPhone you can download through this link: http://cloud.educa.madrid.org/index.php/s/bL8OXcsuKGjHmhk/download

The background update is disabled in my iPhone. I am using the latests versions from iOS (15.4.1) and the ownCloud app (11.9.1 build 213).

As you can see, in the last 24 hours, for only 1 minute in foreground, it spent almost three hours with activity in the background.

I think it might be due to some downloads that seem to be stalled in the Status tab, which I cannot stop. I wonder if there is any way to stop the app running in background

The version of the ownCloud server is 10.0.7, available at cloud.educa.madrid.org

Thank you very much in advance.