Exclude deletes local files?!

I wanted to find a solution to sync files from my PC up to my web server. Tried a bunch of different products and when I got to ownCloud I thought I found my solution. However, after several hours of setting up the server and finally installing and trying out the Windows client I make a horrifying discovery. If I have a directory that I want to sync up to the server but it contains some sub-directories which I don't want to sync that I can't exclude them. If you try using "Chose what to sync" it deletes them off my PC! Deletes them!!

One dialog box is not enough warning for a new user that they are about to lose important files from their local drive. Who would think that a this type tool would delete local content just to set up a sync? Completely unexpected and dangerous to the user.

A simple exclude like every other sync tool out there is what is required. Currently I would have to place all of the folders that I desire to sync in their own directory and not in the locations I wish them to be to avoid the danger.

I would also advise that, if an actual exclude does become available, you read the directory structure first and give the user an opportunity to set the include/exclude flag before beginning any file sync.

Thank you and the server part is working well.

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The forums here is currently not that actively used by developers so the chances are high that it won't get noticed in here.