Exclude host from proxy settings



Is there a way to exclude a host from the proxy settings?

In the config.php we defined a proxy server according to this.

My app uses HTTP:CLient:IClientService to issue a post to a privacyIDEA server. The App will only issue posts to this very server, which is located in our network, in a secure subnet, which can not be reached by the proxy server. Thus I need the possibility to exclude this very host from being passed to the proxy.

So I wonder, if there is either a way in the central config.php to exclude the host or if there is an undocumented parameter in the post request of the IClientService
which would tell the IClient to not pass the request to the proxy?

Thanks a lot


I see that the guzzle client is used in lib/private/Http/Client/Client.php, which sets the proxy via

The settings are set the OC client code sets the settings before each post requst,

$this->client->setDefaultOption('proxy', $this->getProxyUri());

which in my opinion is a bit suboptimal. This means that before each POST request the proxy system config is read, which does not allow me to issue a POST request without a proxy.
Will create an issue and probably a pull request.


Here is the reference: