Expiration Date = Delete?

Does “expiration date” mean that access via the link is no longer possible at this time or will the file be deleted automatically at this time? Is it possible to set a general expiration date so that my transfer cloud does not overflow? Or can I set that when the file is downloaded by the other user, the file is deleted from the transfer cloud?

Please write your questions in a manner that people can read them quickly if you have a few and not just one.


“I have a few questions

I have a few questions


Access is not possible

To my knowledge - no.

Edit: Note:
I appreciate your questions, but did you have a look at the official documentation before asking those questions?

or the ownCloud interface in general?

It’s pretty straight forward. Is it a language issue?

Do you have suggestions what to improve on the documentation itself or the translations of the settings?

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