Exploit Csync db file

Hello , i open with a db browser csync.db file ( DB Browser for SQL LITE) .

I want to see in other way what files are deleted .

Metadata table is the only filled table

Could you help me ?

I don't understand what you are looking for and what you want to do...

In the client itself is the activity tab which should show you when files were deleted in your share. You want to extract these data with a different program?

I use CLI and not the GUI.

Deleted files won't show up in the DB.
The DB contains the perceived server state of the previous sync (seen from the client).

Are you looking for the .owncloudsync.log file ?

Hello , the .owcloudsync.log file exist when i use owncloud cmd ?

I don't know, try it? :slight_smile:
What's your goal?