Export to device

How I can export files from the Owncloud app to my Android device?

If you preview a file, use the “Open with” feature. It is also available for individual files in the file list if you downloaded them before.

This is not what I am trying to do.
I specifically want to export files to my Android Device, and select a folder where to put them.

Seems like this feature isn’t implemented, or am I wrong?

Hm, not really an export feature. But the ownCloud app stores it’s data in the Internal Storage of your device.

What is the real-world use case you’re trying to solve?

I want to use owncloud to synchronize my files without always connecting my phone via the USB-Cable.
There are already folders on my Android Device where certain files reside, e.g. music folder, video folder, pdf folder, etc. . And certain apps will look into those folders first.

For example I have some .pdf files and when I open my .pdf reader app it shows me an overview of the .pdfs residing in the folder “documents”.

I don’t want to open owncloud and then use the “open with”-dialog everytime just to view some .pdf file.

Hi Pepepuhn,

ownCloud’s use case is when you want to have your files not only synced between two computers/devices but also a server in the middle that is running all the time. This server is usually running somewhere publicly available on the internet and therefore you need to know how to run a server on the internet.

On your phone, once you have downloaded any files through the ownCloud app, you shouldn’t need to open them through the ownCloud app any more. Either your app recognizes them in the filesystem after a scan or otherwise you can just navigate through your files app and open the documents through there.

If you’re just looking to get your files from your phone to your laptop/PC - without the server in the middle - you might want to look into a tool like ‘syncthing’ to get that job done.