External storage and Jasig CAS SSO issues



I've installed OC9.1 and activated User_CAS app from nagai-takayuki.
When configuring an external storage (with webdav or SMB/CIFS) , I can't use the "Log'in credentials, save in session" authentication option. I understand why, but is there a way to override this limitation ?
Do I have to change for a public-key mechanism or a OAuth one ?
Thanks in advance for your answer,


No, there's no override for this behavior. You'd either need to release the password from CAS to pass-through to your external storage or, as you mention, add or switch to an authorization method.

We run shibboleth and have encountered the same issue. Consequently, we don't have SSO enabled. In shib2, it was possible to pass-through a password as an attribute, but this is no longer available in shib3.