External storage from Dropbox to Owncloud: only folders are synced

Dear all,

I am contacting you regarding an issue about the sync between Dropbox and Owncloud. I need that the Owncloud sync with one of my Dropbox folder, namely from Dropbox to Owncloud (the other way, it works). However, only the new folders I create in Dropbox are synced and created in Owncloud, not the files. When I save a file in a folder in Dropbox (this folder has been itself synced from Dropbox to Owncloud), this file is not synced and I cannot find it in my Owncloud folder.

Here are my settings and information:

My computer: Lenovo T430, with Debian 8 Jessie
Owncloud 9.1.6, on a raspberry pi with Raspbian 8 jessie
Dropbox: new app created with this information
External storage module: it works, everything is green (box clicked: allows users to mount external storage)

I know that the link between Dropbox and Owncloud already encountered some issues but I have seen problem in forums with Owncloud version from 4 to 6. I suppose that this problem is now solved but I do not know why only the folder and not the files are synced from Dropbox to Owncloud. File from Owncloud to Dropbox are synced, for instance.

I think the problem comes from the fact that Owncloud does not get the information that there is a change in Dropbox. In creating the app in Dropbox, I have seen the possibility to insert a webhook. Is it possible to do that with Owncloud?

Thank you very much for you help or to redirect me towards information that I did not find until now.

Best regards,


As part of the Google Summer of Code the dropbox integration is currently being re-written.
Please be a bit more patient. THX

FYI: https://github.com/Hemant-Mann/files_external_dropbox/tree/dev

Dear DeepDiver1975

Thank you very much for your reply. OK great, I will wait for the re-writing. As I understood with the link you shared to me, the sync is expected to be working with Owncloud 10.x?

Best regards, Vincent