External storage on VM appliance

As I understand it, to add a local, external storage device, and to get the 'local' option in the external storage dropdown list, I have to add a line to the end of config.php. How do i do this on a Virtual box appliance? I have tried to get a gui with startx, and to locate and open the file using command line, but with my limited linux knowledge have not had any luck.

Thanks for your help

Server configuration

Operating system: Windows

Web server: Using VM appliance

Database: VM appliance

PHP version: VM appliance

ownCloud version: VM appliance 10.0.3

Storage backend (external storage): none, trying to add.


@dmitry did a great write-up on this question a few days ago in:


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Excellent, I have got as far as having local in the dropdown now, and I have added another virtual disc to the computer, just need to figure how to get the appliance to see it. Have used fdisk in ubuntu for this but that doest seem to be installed on the owncloud appliance.


Setup a ssh account in the target host and connect ownCloud to it via SFTP. There is no need to make things overly complex.