External Storage openStack - OVH


I’m trying to add additional openStack Storage to my owncloud 10.1.0 install.

I wanted to use OVH, however, I cannot seem to get it to work. I only get a red square icon on the right.

Is this openStack 1.0 or 2.0?

Has anyone tried this with Wasabi and S3 compatible service?

  • Mike

From a protocol perspective ownCloud 10.1 supports S3 only. Of course in addition to file base storage like NFS, SMB, etc. Or do you mean external storage = in addition to your primary ownCloud storage. There you could still use Swift, but for new things I would also recommend S3 …


I meant external storage.

You say that ownCloud 10.1 supports S3 as native primary storage? Do you have more information on this?

  • Mike

Yes. https://owncloud.org/news/following-open-standards-new-open-source-s3-storage-implementation/ its also in the documentation, etc.
Openstack Swift has a S3 implementation that works fine.
For the Enterprise Edition: Scality and SUSE Ceph are already certified, others will follow …

Yes, whats in your screenshot that is the SWIFT external storage connection - not perfectly tested but should work.

Thank you for the link. I’ll review it.