External storage - switched on or off?

I am using OwnCloud which is installed via Softacolous, a service of my hosting provider.
I created myself as the administrator.
Clicking on Personal - Storage limit OC tells me the operator has switch off external storage.
Clicking on Manager* - Storage limit OC has a checked box Switch on External Storage.
Beneath I see a line "smbclient is not installed..."

I try to connect Dropbox to OwnCloud, but it can't check my authentication key and password.

What is going wrong?


  • I do not know the right English terms, I am using the Dutch interface.

Do you have owncloud 10.0.3?

if yes

you have to enable it.

you have to install the smb client module.


here is described how to enable the external storage

what do you mean by "chan't check"?

I am using OwnCloud 10.0.3.
Because it is on a shared server, I can't access the installation files of these OwnCloud, so I am not able to install the Windows Network Drive App.

I created an API, but I do not know if the settings in the API are correct.

After that I entered the auth key and secret key into OwnCloud. OwnCloud said: Fetching requested tokens failed. Verify your app key and secret key are correct

I hope you can help me.


Do you have the new Dropbox App? https://marketplace.owncloud.com/apps/files_external_dropbox The old one got discontinued by Dropbox as the API doesn't work anymore.

Thanks for your reply.
I think I can't use these file. My OwnCloud is running on a shared server/hosting account.

Kind regards,

You should have the market app as its in the default settings. However we generally recommend to run ownCloud at a hoster where you have shell access!

Now I have OwnCloud running on a VPS.
But the config/config.php file is an empty file.
Is that right? If not, how to solve this?