External WAN access port confusion with PfSense

Greetings. I am new to this system and am working to make a server and shared folders that can be accessed outside my local network from the Internet.

First, I am trying to open the ports necessary to do that. I see many places where people are saying port 80 needs to be open. However, in my ownCloud configuration, it’s using Port 8051. Example :


This works fine within my network but I can not access it outside the network. I have configured PfSense to open port 8051 but no joy. It doesn’t seem to work if I open port 80 either.

Can anyone tell me what the proper port(s) are needed for outside configuration? Any other suggestions about what might be the block? I am using my public WAN IP address to try and access it.


This is a question for the pfSense forums. If you can access the server from your internal network, this is not an ownCloud problem but a network problem.

Do the standard checks in all the logs step by step, so where the connection fails is your problem.
For example check if your connection works to the router, if yes you can rule out your ISP blocking you. Then you move on: can your router reach your webserver? Is it forwarding correctly?

Most likely you don’t only need to open the port but actually forward the traffic to the right server as well.

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Well, it turns out I can’t access it on my network. Just the machine it is running on. None of the rest of the systems on my network can pull up the main page. Where doI look next? Thanks.

Ok, log into your ownCloud server. Make sure all services are running fine, perhaps try to curl localhost and see whether that shows any error messages in the logs (owncloud log, apache error & access log, redis log, mysql log, syslog [descending order of importance]).

For this we have the template when creating a server issue topic, perhaps you can fill it out so we can help effectively.

If there is no error, you should be able to access ownCloud from within the same network. Once that works you can setup the firewall and port forwarding.

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