Extract data from server file system

I’m moving a large amount of data from ownCloud onto an UNRAID smb share but syncing with rclone is going very slowly.

Am I correct in thinking I can simply sync the contents of the /files directory within the ownCloud data directory to get a copy of all the latest files owned by that user?

I can take ownCloud offline when the sync is happening.

There is also I file_versions directory which I assume just has old versions? I only need the latest version so happy to ignore any old versions.

You are correct, the ‘files’ directory includes only the files owned by that user. But that means shared files the user has access to are not included.

Not sure why you would want to take the ownCloud installation offline for that procedure? As long as you are only copying away I don’t really see a problem. Only if you are planning to set up this SMB share to sync back to ownCloud again you could run into file dupes…

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