FAT32 Drives in OC 9.1.0 As External Storage

Hi everyone, I'm running the latest stable release of OC on my Raspberry Pi model B with Apache 2.4 and Debian. I have been trying to use some flash drives as external storage until I can acquire an external hard drive. They are formatted as FAT32 drives so that I can remove them from the OC server and view the files on a WIndows PC if necessary, I understand that FAT32 is not a native Linux filesystem, however I am reluctant to format the drives as ext4 because I want the cross-compatibility that FAT32 offers. The problems I am experiencing are the OC server telling me that I do not have permission to upload or create files here, even though I have admin permissions. I believe this is due to the FAT32 permissions, because it will not allow me to change the permissions of the drives to www-data. Does anybody know what to do?


the following FAQ should contain most of the infos about such external storages: