Fatal error after update

Hello, i run owncloud at IONOS shared webhosting.

Every time I am forced to update, the whole installation crashed. I used the built in updater, because all commands from the manuel do not work on my command line.

After “finishing” the update, the output in my browser is:

Fatal error : Interface ‘OCP\IRequest’ not found in /homepages/39/d******/htdocs/owncloud2/lib/private/AppFramework/Http/Request.php** on line 55

Can you tell me what I can do to rescue my installation? in the past I had to do some things on the SQL Data. but this time I cannot find any information in the net.

thanks a lot.

Your description is far too vague, only guessing is possible.
Updating from what to what? And How?


You can close this. After years of using owncloud and everytime crashing the whole install, because the updater does simply never end sucessfull the update, I will move to something else.

Well, I’m also running OC in a hosted environment, but I cannot confirm your experience a all. Of course such an instance might be slightly more sensitive, requiring special attention on this.