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ownCloud is a great toool that we use to share documents between our sailing club’s members.

Recently, I had a synch problem on a member’s PC and deleted all documents in the synch folder to force a new synch. I should not have done that. All documents went to the trashbin.

There is no easy way to undelete 20.000 files from the trahsbin. If I check them all, it does not seem to do anything. I used a Google Chrome snippet but it takes ages to restore.

It would be great to have a command line option to undelete all files (“occ”).

Best regards,

Frederic Williams

Hi fwilliams44,

I am not sure if all the developers are reading the forums here, maybe you want to open this feature request at Issues · owncloud/core · GitHub as well.

One of the ownCloud developers created a trashbin recovery tool, which is available at GitHub - JanAckermann/owncloud-restore-trash: Restore deleted files from the trash and discussed in Virtual File Sync no longer working properly · Issue #8295 · owncloud/client · GitHub. FWIK the restore may take quite some time, hovewer 20.000 files is not a very big number for ownCloud. This tool might be suitable for you.

To be on the safe side, you might want to test this with a database copy first.


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