Federated sharing with spaces in usernames



Hi all,

I am trying to share a directory with a user on another ownCloud server. However, this user has a space in his username (Firstname Lastname). So, instead of sharing the directory with username@urltoowncloudserver.com (which works, we've tried with another user without spaces), it seems I should share it with Firstname Lastname@urltoowncloudserver.com. My problem is that this URL is not accepted by my ownCloud server. What is the correct way (if any) to share with this user?


I tried to reproduce your error @demaratus but for me it works:

  • create shared folder on server1 (OC 8.2)
  • share folder with my user@server2/nextcloud (NC 10)

(both on debian 8, apache, php7 from dotdeb)

Can you give more information about the OC versions being used and the configuration?


Both servers are running raspbian on raspberry pi 3. Apache and php are installed from the default repositories. The ownCloud version is in both cases 9.0.0.

Here is a screenshot of my situation:

Without the space in the username, the input field gives me a dropdown that I can select to share the folder. With the space, I get the error message (in Dutch) "no users or groups found".

Is there any specific information I can provide?


Can you update to a current version which would be 9.0.4?


I have updated my server to 9.0.4 and still no luck in sharing my folder. I'm now waiting for my friend to update his server, since I don't have access to it.

I will come back to you once this is finished. Thanks already for the help so far!


Just a quick note, I should have mentioned this in my initial post: both servers are accessed through the pagekite system (www.pagekite.net).


Wait, I think I found a 9.0.x system and try to reproduce it...


So I had a setup on my raspberry pi. I can reproduce this error with version OC 9.0.4 and with OC 9.0.5RC1 as well.

Sharing to my user@example.org/nextcloud (nextcloud 10):
OC 8.2.7 -> ok
OC 9.0.4 -> failed
OC 9.0.5RC1 -> failed

sorry, I currently have no test setup on OC 9.1 which I can use for tests.

@demaratus: Please open a bug report on github.com/owncloud/core/issues


The bug report is here: https://github.com/owncloud/core/issues/25955. In the future I may upgrade to 9.1 and see if the issue also exists there, but currently I have no time.

Thanks for the help!


The bug is also in OC 9.1. The fix for OC 9.0.x is here:

and will be included in OC 9.0.6.