Fedora 30 & owncloud

okay so i decided to upgrade from fc server 28 to 29 due to an issue i caused but my normal upgrade cycle is this winter i would go to 30. i love owncloud and use it a lot. after putting 29 on, i went though the installation process. however when i did, i got…

Problem: package owncloud-mysql-9.1.5-3.fc28.noarch requires owncloud = 9.1.5-3.fc28, but none of the providers can be installed

  • conflicting requests
  • nothing provides php-composer(doctrine/dbal) < 2.6 needed by owncloud-9.1.5-3.fc28.noarch
  • nothing provides php-composer(ircmaxell/password-compat) >= 1.0.0 needed by owncloud-9.1.5-3.fc28.noarch
  • nothing provides php-composer(ircmaxell/password-compat) < 2.0 needed by owncloud-9.1.5-3.fc28.noarch
  • nothing provides php-pecl(smbclient) < 1.0 needed by owncloud-9.1.5-3.fc28.noarch
    (try to add ‘–skip-broken’ to skip uninstallable packages)

(this is an examply from fc 30 but the error is the same in 29)

so it would not install because of some missing file in the installation. so after searching around i found the owncloud repo. i added that and after some work i kind of got owncloud working but due to my upgrade cycle, i decided to put fc server 30 on my server anyway figuring owncloud would probably work better.

after installing 30, i did the fedora repo isntall and got the same error so i added the owncloud repo and when i do that, i only get the php code served.

i am trying to figure out a working solution and looking for help. can someone help me with what needs to happen to get woncloud server working on fc server 30 or is there something i can do here?

also, one other thing, when running 28 i was easily able to made owncloud only use https by adding a file into /etc/httpd/conf.d that was a redirect to only https however this did not work under 29 and probably wont work in 30. any thoughts there also?

Hi baldur:

I have it running in Fedora 29, but installed it manually. In fact I began with dnf packages but it was so unstable that I decided to follow the instructions to install it by hand which are described in ownCloud’s manual. They allow you to control everything and are not so complex to follow.



the problem with 29 was that i could not get it through https only on http but i did go through the manual process with the side that note that i used the owncloud repo to get the initial install. but still, i would rather have this working on 30…that is more what i am looking for a solution for here. i would rather not downgrade my server back to 29 only to have to upgrade it again later in the year or something back to 30 when i find a solution to getting owncloud working on that…


i’m not absolutely sure but this looks to me like packages not provided by ownCloud but directly from Fedora. Maybe you can notify the Fedora package maintainer about these issues with the packages?

As an alternative it seems that https://download.owncloud.org/download/repositories/stable/owncloud/index.html is providing more current packages for Fedora as well but i’m not sure if the packages provided by ownCloud are compatible with the ones provided by Fedora directly. :frowning_face:

okay, so that helps but it really doesnt. i am glad owncloud finally built that repo.

yes, with the fedora repo, there is an issue there in that the package is definitely faulty. i have filled a bug there. however, nothing has changed so i am screwed there.

secondly, the initial issue using the owncloud repo was solved. what i had to do was use the full install of phymyadmin to get that to work however now another…

after i install owncloud from the repo, i get this error…

This version of ownCloud is not compatible with PHP 7.3
You are currently running PHP 7.3.5.

so i still cannot install owncloud. when i am building a new os there are only a few things i care about getting working, owncloud is one big one. is there any eta anyone knows of getting an upgraded owncloud for the newer php?

Hi baldur,
I found the following github links regarding PHP7.3 support, unfortunately it doesn’t seem like there is an ETA yet:

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thanks eneubauer. looks like they finally announced oc 10.3 will work with php 7.3…now they just have to release that.