Fetch user to group membership with ldap zimbra auth

Good evening to all, probably this is an old question with just an existent answer but anyway i want ask… I have an owncloud installation with backend for auth a zimbra server so i use ldap app for users and groups. Auth is ok and i can list groups on the left in the authentication section of admin page… but i cant fetch user=>group membership also selecting any groups i cant list users members… How can i resolve this problem’ My OC version is latest 10.5

In the groups tab of the LDAP user authentication app admin interface you have to specifically chose the groups that should be available in ownCloud, but I think you got that already.

However in the advanced settings you have to chose the correct Group-Member association. In Windows that is member not sure what it is in Zimbra. Please let us know here in the forum what the correct setting is.

Finally you need to make sure that in the admin Sharing settings that sharing with groups is allowed.

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