File access from inside a hook


I want to send a POST request with curl from inside a filesystem hook.

$callback = function ($node) {
            $file = curl_file_create(`, $node->getMimeType()) 

$this->fileManager->listen('\OC\Files', 'postCreate', $callback);

With $node->getPath() and $node->getInternalPath() no curl file is created.

Is it possible to get the $node file from inside the hook, so i can add it to the body of the curl POST request?

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Filesystem hooks are already supply \OCP\Files\Node $node . You can use it inside hook callback.

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When i do this

$requestBody = array(
            'model' => $dataJson,
            'file' => $node

i get the following error message:

Object of class OC\\Files\\Node\\File could not be converted to string at \/var\/www\/owncloud\/apps\/owncloud-intrafind-connector\/lib\/Hooks\/FileSystem.php#127

When i do

        $requestBody = array(
            'model' => $dataJson,
            'file' => curl_file_create($node, $mimeType)

i get the following message

curl_file_create() expects parameter 1 to be a valid path, object given at \/var\/www\/owncloud\/apps\/owncloud-intrafind-connector\/lib\/Hooks\/FileSystem.php#115

I think, what i need, is a function or something else that gives me the path to the data directory that is defined in the config.php.

My solution now looks like this:

$dataDir = \OC::$server->getSystemConfig()->getValue('datadirectory');
$completePathToFile = $dataDir . $path;
$curlFile = curl_file_create($completePathToFile, $mimeType, $name);
$requestBody = array(
            'model' => $dataJson,
            'file' => $curlFile

Because like the message said, It is a node object, not a string. See this documentation. You can access much more thing about the node as well as its path:

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