File and folder sharing restrictions for groups - feature appears broken



I would like to prevent all groups from sharing folders from their home directory. According to the ownCloud 8.1.5 documentation (here:, I can accomplish that by using the following quoted instructions:

"Check Exclude groups from sharing to prevent members of specific groups
from creating any file shares in those groups. When you check this, you’ll
get a dropdown list of all your groups to choose from. Members of excluded
groups can still receive shares, but not create any"

However, when I check this box, and add the groups who I want to prevent from sharing, when I log in as a member of one of those groups, ownCloud still lets me share folders with other groups. This appears to be bug. Can anyone help?



are you running oC 8.1.5?



yes, i'm running oC 8.1.5


Before posting such issues please always update to a recent version. For the 8.1.x branch this is 8.1.9. 8.1.5 is quite outdated as you can see on the version difference.

The versions 8.2.7, 9.0.4 and 9.1.0 are also current where the 9.1.0 is currently not recommended for productive systems as it contains a few bugs.


ok i'll try updating to 8.1.9, thanks for your help.


ok i successfully upgraded to 8.1.9, and the advertised feature in the Admin menu (to exclude groups' users from sharing anything in their home directories) appears to work now, thanks!