File chunking with public web upload?

We are running an ownCloud server in version at the moment and we would like to enable the public link sharing of a folder with the option Upload only (File Drop), so customers can upload larger files there.

This works fine for anything under ~100 MiB or so (haven’t tested the limits exactly). However, with files that are, for example 2.85 GiB in size the PUT request to will immediately fail with our nginx proxy responding with 413 Request Entity Too Large, probably due to request header size limits of FastCGI.

This is to be expected as such large files should be chunked for such file upload operations to a web server. My question is: is this possible to enable in ownCloud? According to file chunking for web uploads is supported, but according to the description only for authenticated web logins.

So is there really no way to enable file chunking for anonymous file drops at the moment?

Ah, already answered here: :slight_smile:

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Looks like it is planning feature for oc11, there are some related pr for it : . Also, you may use guests app for this purpose.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes I know about the guests app (though usually I have no use for it or I don’t want the other party to go through the hassle of creating a password, so that they can upload large files).