File hashes shown as invalid after upgrade and two minor problems


I just upgraded my ownCloud to 10.6.5 in the hope of removing an annoying error message we havent been able to get rid off. The Error message was: Problems loading the page, reloading in 5 seconds.

Unfortunately this did not remove our problem - the message is still there - but added two additional problems. The second error message is : “Encountered problem accessing the folder /” I dont really know what to make of this.
The third error message is the one I am most worried about: There are problems with Code integrity. Please check this list - and the list contains thousands of files, most likely the entire installation.
How can I fix this error messages?

A few information: I am using Debian 9 with nginx 1.10.3-1+deb9u5 and php-fpm 7.2. I am using PostgreSQL as a database. My data storage is about 160GB in size and the database about 70MB.
I downloaded ownCloud from the official folder and the Upgrade process was all green and supposedly
finished successfully.

Thanks in advance for any advice

Yours faithfully
Stefan Schumacher

Hello Stefan,

Please make yourself familiar with the documentation on integrity checks:

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